The Tannery - Boston, MA

Having gotten its start as a shoe store 40 years ago, The Tannery entered the contemporary RTW market in 2008. Buyer Brittney Rothweiler talks to JOOR about the Boston consumer who looks for clothes that can be worn year-round.

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Stel’s - Boston, MA

Tina Burgos, owner of Stel’s, talks about what consumers are buying in Boston, how Stel’s stands out on Newbury Street, and the magic behind new label Suno.

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South Moon Under

What began as a surf shop in 1968 in Ocean City, Maryland, South Moon Under is now a hot fashion retailer with more than 14 locations. Women’s buyer Michelle Gerberling shares what it takes to build a relationship with a store that carries more than 100 brands.

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Pileggi Boutique - Philadelphia, PA

Andrea Chila tells JOOR about revamping Pileggi Boutique in Philadelphia. Andrea purchased the shop three years ago and brought in 70 new designers landing it as Best Boutique in Philly in 2008.

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Hillary Rush - Los Angeles, CA

Hillary Rush talks to JOOR about how three generations of family retailing informs her style of doing business & how she brings a piece of NYC to L.A.

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