Ginger makes the most of its prime Bethesda, MD location - customers in the area consider it a staple for their wardrobing needs.  This boutique does consistent business with more established contemporary brands.  The clientele appreciates contemporary designers, but doesn’t quite have the youthful exuberance and appetite for emerging and unproven brands. 

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Located in College Park, MD, On Cloud 9 caters to Maryland college students.  While most of those students have a penchant for online shopping, On Cloud 9 provides an experience that could pull any student away from her laptop.  Brands priced on the lower end of the contemporary spectrum would be the best fit - think Vintage Havana, LA Made, Mink Pink or Plastic Island.  The buyers are great and have a unique perspective on how to connect with their customer.

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Clover is located in Kentlands, MD.  Since there aren’t many boutiques in the area, it’s become the go-to place for residents in the area who can’t make the trip to Baltimore or DC for access to cool brands they want.  The store is thoughtfully laid out and does a great job with merchandising both on the floor and at the point of sale.  Customers skew younger and have a clearly defined sense of fashion, often returning to Clover and knowing exactly what they want to purchase.  Clover would be a great fit for any brand featuring silk tops and dresses.  Twelfth Street and Alice & Trixie come to mind…

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Satine - Los Angeles, CA

Jeannie Lee, Owner of Satine, tells us how she has created a boutique that is both aspirational and accessible to the new contemporary consumer. Jeannie discusses how her stores feature Balenciaga, Havaianas, and everything in between-creating an inspiring assortment that works together beautifully.

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Elizabeth Charles - New York, NY and San Francisco, CA

After serving as a high-fashion launching pad for key designers from Australia, Elizabeth Charles now carries designers from around the world. Sarah Pollan discusses the quality and confidence a brand must have to make it into Elizabeth Charles.

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