Introducing Monica Botkier from Botkier Handbags

Monica Botkier began her career in the fashion industry as a photographer. In 2003 Monica, in response to a dearth in the market for stylish and affordable purses, conceived of the Trigger Bag. The bag became an instant best seller in specialty boutiques nationwide and Monica never looked back. Below, the designer finds time to answer a few questions for her JOOR fan club.

JOOR: Tell us about the creation of the Trigger bag?

MB: I was a fashion photographer and I couldn’t find the perfect bag to keep me organized and chic. There was a total void in the market for an approachable designer bag; Botkier was born and Trigger became known as the bag that launched an industry.

JOOR: At what point did you decide to take up designing handbags full time?

MB: Within 6 months of creating the Trigger, I had to give up my photography career. It took off so quickly! Now, I only shoot Botkier ad campaigns and (of course) my kids.

JOOR: Has your previous career as a photographer influenced your craft?

MB: The attention to detail and movement you have to have as a photographer certainly helped train my eye—- and being surrounded by great accessories!

JOOR: For what type of girl do you design?

MB: The Botkier Babe as I like to call her is the ultimate modern woman. A touch fashion forward with a need for organized chic, she gets it. Our appeal is that we understand the realities of a busy life. Botkier Handbags are statement pieces for everyday.

JOOR: What designers do you admire most?

MB: Personally I admire Donna Karan and DVF for being powerhouses and helping others find their voice in this world. Speaking strictly fashion I love Thakoon, Tess Giberson, Philip Lim.

JOOR: What is your favorite thing about the fashion industry?

MB: The push to innovate and the ability to be the frosting on the cake. In other words were not saving the world but we are making it brighter through creativity and action.

JOOR: What’s your least favorite thing about the fashion industry?

MB: The speed with which the fashion industry moves. The calendar is intense. When I design, I fall in love and it feels like I am just into the affair when I have to start again!

JOOR: What’s the best piece of business advice you ever received?

MB: Ask for help, you can’t do everything! Hire people you can learn from.